Print Our Flag History

The American Flag is a symbol of our great nation, the ever waving proof of our resiliency and dedication to a cause. From its humble beginnings as an unofficial flag of the colonies fighting for their independence to the international symbol of power it September 11 Pentagonhas become today, the flag of the United States of America has undergone a number of changes, yet always has stood for the basic fundamental principals our forefathers fought so hard to protect.

The tragedy of September 11, 2001 is not so fresh in our minds these days, for some it seems so long ago and for others it feels like just yesterday. It was a world changing event and has affected us all in different ways. However, out of this tragedy people from all over the world rose to the occasion. Volunteers searched for survivors, people donated blood, money, food and supplies to help in any way possible.

As the nation healed, it became readily apparent that the attack of 9/11 Lone Firefighter at remains of the World Trade Centerwas not successful; it had brought us closer together as a nation. Anyone looking for proof simply had to look out their window and see the houses and cars adorned with the American Flag.

Unfortunately for many, the unanticipated increase in demand for U.S. Flags lead to shortages all across the country. This was the foundation for the creation of this site; the basic belief that anyone should have ready access to our nation’s flag. In response to the shortages, we posted Clipart, Photographs, and user submitted artwork all absolutely free to download and free for you to use for any purpose.

Now, years later, the site remains in use and continues to offer 100% free printable American Flag clipart, photos, coloring images for children and more! While the demand for flags has subsided and you can readily get your American Flag online and even your local retail store; we charge nothing for these printable images of the flag and look forward to continued submissions of patriotic designs from our viewers.

To submit patriotic artwork or to comment or ask questions about the site please see our suggestions page.